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Ahhh … The good life

There is just something about sitting by the water that calms the mind and heals the soul. It can be a small pond or a large chain of lakes. There is always something to focus on that is peaceful and serene.  I can watch a distant fisherman for hours and never lose interest.

Even a calm lake will have sound. Birds. Insects. Thoughts. At sunrise the sounds around you are different as the day begins. Sunsets brings a unique sound of its own. The wind will shift and the temperature drops. Clouds come and go and the colors of the sky dramatically changes to orange and purple. The smells are unique as the day closes. It seems to be tired and can longer hold onto the light and darkness takes over. The shoreline across the lake quickly becomes devoid of color and detail and turns to a black silhouette.

Your mind is at peace and your body is tired and our connection to the universe is real as the sky begins to show us how connected we really are. First Venus and then Mars and eventually Jupiter and Saturn make an appearance. The supporting cast follows for the grand finale.

If I’m Comfortable, I can sit for hours.

I’ve waited a long time to relax. My trip to the lake was a four hour drive and I’ve been sitting on the shore line for five hours. Time went by either way and alone with my thoughts I’m comfortable and relaxed. Not a care in the world. Our dog is sitting beside me and is exhausted from swimming all day. She keeps looking at me with that ‘one more time, please’ face and I say “No. we’re done for the day.” She understands and lays down along side the chair.

There’s only two people and a spoiled dog I can see and the fishing boat is far off in the distance and slowly moving away. I didn’t see him catch any fish. He was there for two hours. I guess it’s time to go home and I wonder if he lives on the lake.  What a great day for this person as he probably walks out his back door and gets into his fishing boat and off he goes. I doubt he cares if he caught a fish or not. I know I wouldn’t. He ties the boat up at his pier and walks back into the house for dinner.

Tomorrow he might have more luck.

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